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Drag and Merge - Number Block Puzzle is a brand new free puzzle games!
Just drag a block onto another block with same number to increase their number!
Merge them to get a bigger number!

In drag and merge-merge games, by drag and merge a bigger number, collect diamonds into the piggy bank, will get more rewards.
The drag and merge-merge games competes with your family and friends to share the fun. Finish the puzzle games for free as many times as you can, and you'll be pleasantly surprised rewards!

Why Drag and Merge is better: 
1.The app is free to play, and there are even more rewards.Means free puzzle games!
2.Suitable for any age stage of the drag and merge-merge games, Exercise your brain's logic.
3.The drag and merge-merge games interface is excellent, the original painting is lovely, and the dynamic effect is cool!
4.There are rich rewards for sharing this drag and merge-merge games

Unlike other merge games, you can invite your friends and get 300 Diamonds for each friend who registers. This is the unique feature of the drag and merge-merge games.